Beautiful Beaches in Gokarna You Must Visit

This beach takes its name from the city and is the biggest beach, of course. It’s well known for being next to the Mahabaleshwar Temple on this beach. Many of the pilgrims travel to this beach first and then go to a temple tour.

The Lord Shiva is dedicated to the Mahabaleshwar Temple, and there are many devotees of the Lord Shiva visiting this beach. It’s one of the busiest and most popular beaches. But visiting this beach here in the morning will give you the best experience. You should schedule your day on the beach and brace yourself for a morning stroll.

In addition, it is one of India’s surfing beaches. At the beach you can even meet plenty of trekkers and fans of yoga. From here a scenic trek can be planned to five of Gokarna’s most popular beaches within 10 km of the coastline.

Om Beach

In greater respects than you can believe, nature can confuse you. The best beach in Gokarna is considered. If you want to see nature at its best and appreciate it, visit Om Beach. The beach is in the form of Om, a coincidence. So you can first see this lovely coincidence as soon as you hit this beach and get a click on yourself.

You will definitely get this one of a kind of sand-shaped beach. Even the environment is truly enchanting. You will instantly admire the sight on the hill and the beach. Thus, enter your camera here by means of an unused data storage card that will fill up instantly.

In addition, a tour of this beach is great for swimmers, who want to have fun. Even if you are an inexperienced bather, you can swim safely on this sand. Parasailing, surfing, water skiing and banana boat rides include some of the famous adventure sports here. So set yourself on this gorgeous beach for a relaxing and thrilling experience.

In this popular beach in Gokarna, you can even spot dolphins. You can also sit comfortably in one of the many coffees and have an enjoyable stay on one of Gokarna’s family beaches.

Half Moon Beach

Half Moon one is another beach with a traditional name. The beach is also named for its shape. Yes, try to decode the form when you get to it. It’s obviously like a Half Moon. When you understand the type, then click on a photo to follow the endless selfies.

On the one hand, this beach has a large jungle and the Arabian Sea on the other side. It is one of the beaches on which you can schedule a walk across five of Gokarna’s popular beaches. In addition, this journey is completely unique and panoramic. So probably you should try it.

Along with this natural elegance, on Half Moon Beach, you can also enjoy a variety of enjoyable activities. You should also go for paddling, kayaking, diving, cycling and camping. Choose your dream beach and have a nice time here at Gokarna’s another beach.

Just 20 min from Om beach, this beach is situated. And both beaches can be easily enjoyed by you. Moreover, the striking calmness is the distinguishing characteristic of this cove. You should go and have a moment of peace in your own business. It really is a sanctuary for those who want to sit isolated and have hours just staring at the horizon

Kudle Beach

If you’re searching for consolation, so this beach has to be seen. It sits in a secluded location and blesses the nature lovers. This beach can be cut off from the tourist crowd and the majority of people who want a relaxing moment come to the beach.

You generally will come and spend some time here and find foreign visitors and backpacker. In fact, this beach is also believed to be safe to swim. So if you want to enjoy a day at the pool, swim and chill, visit the beach of Kudle. Water activities or fans are not there. However, please be conscious and answerable if you intend to dive. A word of warning.

About 15 minutes to Om Beach is the beach. So on the same day, you will visit both beaches to see them entirely another. The beach can be reached by ferry. The boat ride from Om Beach is 10 minutes away.

You’ll see some shacks in Gokarna’s beach, including the shackles and the improvement arrangements on the beach if you visit it from October until March. Get ready for perfect diving, rest and trekking. It is also popular with Gokarna’s sunset spots.

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