Desert Safari Dubai -Explore an Ultimate Adventure and Entertainment

A travel enthusiast is always in search of a place to explore and inspire. If you are the one likely, you’d love to visit the desert safari in Dubai. As, this region of the UAE is a perfect landscape to take some cool shots, discover rare wildlife, roll over the high sand dunes, and celebrate the cultural fest of Arabia. 

This first national ranch of the UAE is filled with huge prospects of adventure and entertainment. Let’s explore such ultimate opportunities which you get a chance to encounter nowhere else but in the desert safari.

10 Best Experiences at Desert Safari Dubai

  1. Dune Bashing On High Red Dunes

An itinerary at the desert safari Dubai offering dune bashing is the ultimate choice of adrenaline junkies. It’s a crazy sand sport where the rider drifts a 4×4 SUV over the convex crests and troughs of the golden sand dunes. You are securely belted on the seats of a 4×4 land cruiser, rover, or hummer to experience an adrenaline-pumping ride over the sloppy sand dunes. 

The whole ride is taken place under the supervision of a validly licensed driver. Dune bashing is an arousing bang on terrain and surely not for faint-hearted people. But this doesn’t mean they missed the fun. There are plenty of other sand activities to drive them crazy.

  1. ATV Quad Biking

The enthralling safaris of Dubai terrain also include quad biking as another edgy sand activity. This sand sport is pre-booked as it is exclusive to the commonly offered activities by the itineraries. Most of the time you have to pay over for it. But rest assured it’s worth trying. 

Take the wide tires of your quad bike away from the crowd and turn into a dust devil.ATV and fat bikes are installed in the terrain to be driven under the supervision of expert handlers. Fat bikes are terrain mountaineering vehicles that allow one rider at a time to grab it cross and the high sand dunes like a pro.

  1. Sand Boarding

Compete with your fellows on the grainy sand surface which allows the smoothest delivery of a sandboard. Practice your balance and cuddle in the arms of the sand sea upon falling off your sandboard. Spread laughter while surfing the mounting sand dunes as this sand activity requires lots of practice and you are vulnerable to fall off again and again. However, this activity can only be performed in the midst of the sand, so who cares!

  1. Camel Riding

An adventurous tale of a wonderland can’t be completed without wandering in it by special means. A camel ride is a perfect royal ride to your dreamy desert safari expedition. Sit on the camel’s hump and discover the desert far and near. Fall in amazement upon observing the limitless sea of gold and wonder how nomads used to cover miles by means of navigating the camels. 

Camels are the recognition of Arabia, The natives enjoy camel racing and subject them to breeding to keep their valuable sign of heritage alive. Celebrate your presence in the UAE and explore its national ranch from over the camel’s back.

  1. Falconry

Another entertaining activity at desert safari is falconry. It’s a rich tradition of the Arabs as they used to train these birds to lure and sweep in the sand for the sake of capturing the prey for them. The professional falconers demonstrate the handling feeding, and flying conjures of this national bird, and educate the explorers about the anciently running values of falconry among  Arabs.

People also get entertained by falcon photography by letting the masters place them over the wrists of their guests. It’s a great souvenir from desert safari to bring along as it reflects your engagement with the Arabian culture while having the best time at desert safari Dubai. 

  1. Arabian Artistry

The renowned Arabian culture invited to get tinted in the vibrant colors of its tradition. Your journey to inspiration begins at the campsite when you walk into the traditional Bedouin camps. These caravansaries are embellished with the basic goods reflecting the purely preserved ancient lifestyle of Arabs, facilitating you in a blend of modern accessories. 

Other sources of entertainment are the beautiful henna artistry and the Arabian folk attiring. Click the best images in the colorful Arabian dresses in the middle of a nomad’s place and display them on your social profile. 

  1. Spectacular Festivity

Live entertainment on the stage of desert safari is also a renowned platform to absorb a unique tenor. Many professional artists show up there to entertain the audience with various dance forms representing the lively colors of the UAE. The spiritual Tanoura show, the stunning fire show, and the ravishing belly dance are performed in the middle of the barren making your evening at desert safari, a heck of an entertaining venture.

  1. Pleasure Through Savory

Enjoy the best out of the mouth-watering veg and non-veg food items presented at the buffet line-up. You have free access to various refreshing drinks and beverages including tea, Arabian coffee with dates, soft drinks, and snacks. Make the most out of being on desert safari Dubai by having the pleasure of trying vast Arabian cuisines.

  1. Lovely Portraits

The amazing landscape of this conservation reserve of Dubai offers exposure to photographers to click their hearts out. There you’ll a huge variety of some rare and exquisite fauna such as wild eagle owls, adorable gazelles, Arabian oryx, hawks, and more of the attractive marshy habitat animals. Click them by all possible poses and satisfy your knack for photography and discovery.

Moreover, you can click sunset in the evening, and sunrise in the morning desert safari which tells other mesmeric stories of this land of nomads. Use the velvety soft sand as a prop for your photos and extract your creativity at its level best at desert safari Dubai.


Desert safari has become the best tourist spot to visit in Dubai because of the exciting opportunities it offers.  Many madcaps visit desert safari Dubai every year to experience the madness of terrain and to explore the blend of modernism with Arabian culture. So when are you having a whack to safari?

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