Tips on How to Leverage the Textbooks to Ace the Board Exams

The students who aim to ace the board exam and are looking for the best resources or study materials to add to their exam preparations will soon realize the significance of textbooks. Textbooks are considered a very crucial part of the curriculum and cannot be disregarded. Here, in this article, attempts are being made to explain the advantages of referring to the textbooks and how it helps students ace the board exams of all boards from the CBSE to ICSE and State Boards. 

Students of all boards have realized the significance of textbooks and other resources to prepare for the exams. From the CBSE to state boards such as Samacheer Kalvi have prescribed some resources and study materials for the students to prepare most proficiently for the board exams. So, let us take a look at the benefits of referring to textbooks. 

Benefits of Textbooks to Prepare for Exams

  • Books have a structure and are based on the current academic syllabus 
  • Apart from knowledge and values, textbooks also help to impart skills to the students 
  • Books provide a proper guideline for the teachers and the students 
  • It makes it easier for the students for information regarding the topics taught in class 
  • An organised representation of the topics under the subject to be discussed in class 
  • It makes way for a systematic way of teaching 
  • Explain the concepts thoroughly and help the students to revise the subject
  • Assignments, projects and homework are formulated based on the textbooks 
  • Textbooks form the basis for questions that are being framed for the exams 
  • It helps to develop or improve a students’ reading and comprehension skills 
  • It consists of facts and ideas around the various subjects taught in class 

Best Way to Benefit From Textbooks 

Despite the significance, textbooks are not the sole resource for the students to prepare for the exams. What most students need to realize is the best way to utilize textbooks to get the best results.

  • Do not rely on textbooks for exam preparations 
  • Make sure that the books are valid for the current academic year 
  • Teachers are advised to use it as a guide and not as a mandate for instructions 
  • Supplement the textbooks by referring to additional resources 
  • Use it not just to study but also to revise the subjects for exams 
  • It can set the foundation for questions asked in the exams 
  • Students can learn from the textbooks and then recall them for the exams

Students of all state boards, inclusive of Tamil Nadu, are encouraged to refer to other resources or study materials such as the syllabus, previous year papers, mock tests, study notes, other reference materials, etc. They are also advised to resort to Samacheer Kalvi books in print or as ebooks to prepare more effectively for the board exams and score well. 

Unavailability of textbooks and lack of motivation to study well could result in poor results for the students. Textbooks are not just the source of instructions, but for exciting subjects such as Science or Mathematics, they also cover the procedures, experiments, examples, step-by-step solutions to problems, etc. Thus, by using the textbooks diligently and effectively, students can easily face the exams with more confidence, even as they get used to solving or answering a wide range of questions from the respective subjects. 

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