Matheran Trekking

This pretty mountain area, situated in Maharashtra district of Raigad, is an untouched state marvel. Matheran is only an overnight trip by train from Nagpur and is one of Maharashtra people’s favorite weekends. The area is well known for its wide range of medicinal herbs and plants and the two lakes here. Matheran is an ecologically sensitive region, which has some spectacular views that provide some of the best views. This place also has some   fantastic hotels and resorts, the best spot for an eventful stay.

Matheran is a joy not just for walkers but also to discover and catch the majesty of the stunning mountain range. Matheran is the smallest hill station of India and is breathtaking in western Ghats. Travelers and visitors who visit the town love to stroll around the place. It is more fun to get lost in the city’s picturesque beauty before you find your way. Plan your journey to Matheran and take part in various activities Matheran offers such as hiking, trekking, rappelling, etc.

Vasota Fort Trek

A packed life is no excuse to take the adventurous seeker away. You can take this Vasota jungle walking tour to spice up your life if you live in Mumbai or any of its neighboring cities or villages or have a holiday here. This brief three day stay would be the best time for you to rush the adrenaline in your bloodstream without a major break from work.

The Vasota Trek will take you from Mumbai to Bamnoli and Met Indavali. Starting with pickup. This is the starting point for the adventure as you start your trip on foot. The first trip takes you to the magnificent fort of Vasota, which provides breathtaking views of the western Ghats from a height of approximately 3,842 feet. It provides a great opportunity for photography, when you can click on awesome images. On the first day of the visit, the activity schedule involves a boating tour on the gorgeous water of the River Koyna.

Lohagad Trek

Lohagad Fort is located on the top of a pleasant hill about 50 Km from Pune at an altitude of 3,400 feet above the ground. Founded in the 18th century, this luxurious fort offers an exclusive mix of ancient architecture and picturesque setting.

Once you have arrived at the fort, you will gape from Chhatrapati’s deep past as the Shivaji Maharaj used it to safeguard all his jewels. The proximity of Pune and Mumbai that attracts tourists during the year is another fantastic feature of this location.

It’s very straightforward and can finish the climb to the fort in a few hours. The strong Maratha empire building is interconnected to the fort of Visapur and is one of the best mountain castles in the area. This site is worthwhile regardless of whether you are looking for a weekend break and an exciting getaway.

Rajmachi Trek

In the middle of two hill stations – Lonavala and Karjat – Rajmachi Trek is nestled. The walk can either be reached from Lonavala or from the Karjat side and offers trekkers to ascend two forts starting from Udhewadi, the same base village. The castle is 2510 foot west, while the fort of Shriwardhan is 2710 feet east. The trail is much longer but easier to walk and to enter both forts if you walk through Lonavala. Much of the way you walk along the mud path through the forest portion is up to Udhewadi.The path to Kandala begins from Khondane’s caves and waterfalls. It climbs steeper through a forest area and connects Udhewadi town.The Satavahanas built these forts, but they became known under the rule of Shivaji Maharaj, who took over the fort in the 15th century. The fort has been improved and enlarged by Shivaji Maharaj, with many buildings in place. The forts saw the Marathas and the Mughals war. It was taken over by the British later in the 19th century.The fort was also a popular commercial route linking Mumbai and Pune today.

Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai is the highest mountain in Maharashtra. Situated at an awe-inspiring height of 5 400 feet, this house provides a spectacular view over the Sahyadri area and a lush green mountain covering. Kalsubai is one of Maharashtra’s best-known trekking destinations. The hiking is steep in sections, but is greatly helped by the excellent facilities open to novice trekkers. The Cenozoic period, consisting mostly of solidified flood basalt, dates from the Mountain. Kalsubai is also an ideal venue for star tourists and campers.

One is able to get to Kalsubai via the Mumbai-Nashik Highway in Igatpuri District to Bari Village. You can see the lush green fields and hills on the way during your daytime journey. Or take a central bus line to Kasara. Every local bus takes between 30-40 minutes from Kasara. Or, till there, you can even select a private taxi.

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