RXNT EHR Demo, Pricing, and Features in 2021

There is often so much to learn about software, a lot of excellent features can get lost in the information. That is why we’re summarizing everything RXNT for you – whether it’s RXNT EHR demo, reviews, pricing, or features, we’re here to tell you all about it! Read on through the article below to find out more!


Healthcare primarily is an industry that focuses on developing and disbursing quality care to patients in a sustainable way. However, many doctors and healthcare professionals find themselves distracted by their major aim – which is patient care of course – because of the heavy-duty administrative work required to manage their clinics. 

Ultimately, RXNT believes in creating technology that would support medical professionals as they offer personalized and direct care to their patients. That is exactly why the software is so easy to use, accessible, and customizable so it can adapt to just about any settings. 

There is almost always a balance between interacting in a meaningful way with patients, and at the same time managing the cost and efficiency of the clinic. RXNT aims to provide the tools needed by physicians as they administer this care so they can focus on what matters most. 

The use of an EHR can have a lasting impact on a practice of any kind and size because it is a crucial tool to aid in the management of records, SOPs, and interaction whether concerning patients, staff, or other doctors. 

Top RXNT EHR Features

RXNT EHR software includes several features that aim to work with your clinic’s workflow and automate and improve processes, so your productivity skyrockets and patients get better care. Here are some of the top features of RXNT!

RXNT is certified

The software solution is ONC-HIT certified, and the online prescription platform is also DEA and Surescripts certified, so you know you are getting the right protocols to provide the best possible care to every patient who visits your clinic. 

Remote Accessibility

Accessing patient records is easy when you’re using RXNT. This is one of the standout features of the RXNT EHR demo – you can actually use any connected mobile device to monitor patient progress, lab orders, and scheduling for your ease of mind. 

Fees If You Prescribe

If you are a staff member using RXNT EHR but are not prescribing medication, you can use the software at the clinic without having to pay for another user! Remember, there is no licensing fee for any of the non-prescribing staff. 

Connect With Patients

One of the crucial roles of doctors is being able to connect with patients. The patient portal by RXNT allows you to do this, along with facilitating scheduling, document-sharing, and more.

Reviews of RXNT EHR


According to reviews of the RXNT EHR, the software is easy to navigate and click through without getting lost. The ability to access the suite from mobile devices is a big place. Reviewers stated they feel it is quickly learned and a great fit for their clinic. 


Some of the drawbacks mentioned by reviewers were bugs in the system around medication lists. There may also be some issues with having to upload documents that patients need to sign instead of having a ready-to-use template with a signature pad. 


If you like what you’ve read so far but still wonder how the software works in real-time, you can actually go through an RXNT EHR demo, a virtual tour of the integrated software suite that can really improve productivity at your practice.

While you are getting your tour, RXNT’s customer advisor team will be available on hand should you have any questions about the software. 

RXNT EHR Pricing

You can purchase the entire suite of RXNT software, which includes e-Prescription, Practice management, and EHR, at a rate of $150 a month for each provider. However, if you just want the EHR solution, you can also purchase it at $85 a month for each provider. 

The features included in this affordable plan are online prescriptions, data management, secure protocols, customizable templates, and a patient portal. 

Conclusion – Is RXNT Right For You?

Now that you know all about RXNT EHR, you will want to see if it works for your practice. In that case, you can always request an RXNT EHR demo or look through other reviews to get a sense of whether this software is a good fit for you.

Another way to check if the software works well is by comparing it to a list you make of what you’re looking for in software. Once you match up those features with the ones available at RXNT, you can make a more informed decision about what works and what doesn’t!

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